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Superchargers and turbochargers are made and designed to force more air mass toward the engine's intake manifold and combustion chamber. An intercooler, on the other hand, is made to compensate and balance the heat produced by supercharging, a natural byproduct of the semi-adiabatic compression process. Excessive air pressure can lead to increased hot intake charge, which reduces the performance gains of supercharging due to a decrease in density. The increase of intake charge temperature can also contribute to the increase of cylinder combustion temperature causing detonation, heat damage to an engine block, and excessive wear.

With an intercooler properly installed in your truck or vehicle, the temperature that is brought about by the heat rejection and pressure out of flow restriction of fins are reduced when the compressed and heated intake charge passes through the intercooler. If properly installed, the large decrease in temperature would be greater than the relative loss in pressure, which could result to a net increase in density. This process would increase the intercooler system performance by getting some of the losses of the inefficient compression process by rejecting heat to the external environment.

Our intercoolers consist of fins pressed between aluminum sheets and fitted with header and face bars. This stacking is brazed together creating a single solid piece allowing the tanks to be welded directly to the core. Eliminates the header plates from tube and fin design to prevent thermal fatigue failures, which accounts for the majority of CAC failures. Designed for maximum efficiency by offering superior heat transfer in a more compact size than conventional tube & fin or shell & tube coolers. Manufactured with heavier gauge materials to handle greater pressures and temperatures, therefore lasting longer in adverse  conditions.

We are producing and exporting wide ranges of intercoolers, which can apply to following cars: Acura、Alfa Romeo、Audi、BMW、Buick、Cadillac、Chrysler、Citroen、Chevrolet、Daewoo、Daihatsu、Dodge、Ferrari、Fiat、Ford、Geo、GMC、Hindustan、Holden、Honda、Hyundai、Hummer、Infiniti、Isuzu、Iveco、Jaguar、Jeep、Kia、Lada、Land Rover、Lexus、Lincoln、Lancia、Lotus、Mazda、Mercedes-Benz、Mitsubishi、Mini、Mercury、Nissan、Opel、Peugeot、Porsche、Pontiac、Renault、Rover、Ssangyong、Saab、Saturn、Skoda、Subaru、Suzuki、Seat、Smart、Tata、Toyota、Volkswagen、Volvo、Vauxhall.
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