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Passenger Car Intercooler
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Optional Dodge Replacement Pipe
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An intercooler, or charge air cooler and after cooler among people, is basically a radiator that is designed to emit cool or hot air from the turbocharger. Since compressing air raises its temperature to more or less 150 F, the intercooler works hand in hand with turbocharger. An intercooler is a heat-exchange device for air to air or air to liquid and is used on supercharged and turbocharged internal combustion engines that aim to enhance the volumetric efficiency of an engine by increasing intake of air charge density through almost constant pressure cooling.

A decrease of air intake temperature provides a denser intake charge to the engine, which offers more fuel and air to burn per engine cycle. This process increases the output of the engine, while the intercoolers increase the efficiency of the induction system by induction reduction of air heat created by the turbocharger, which then promotes complete combustion process.

Our intercoolers can provide the perfect cooling capacity needed for supercharged and turbo charged vehicles. Constructed of 6061 aircraft-quality aluminum for extreme durability, All intercoolers will efficiently reduce induction air temperatures, while significantly improving engine output. Intercoolers here are precision TIG welded, offering an enhanced level of performance, which will provide the ideal cooling capacity, while safely increasing horsepower and giving that extra boost that every driver appreciates.

We are producing and exporting wide ranges of intercoolers, which can apply to following cars: Acura、Alfa Romeo、Audi、BMW、Buick、Cadillac、Chrysler、Citroen、Chevrolet、Daewoo、Daihatsu、Dodge、Ferrari、Fiat、Ford、Geo、GMC、Hindustan、Holden、Honda、Hyundai、Hummer、Infiniti、Isuzu、Iveco、Jaguar、Jeep、Kia、Lada、Land Rover、Lexus、Lincoln、Lancia、Lotus、Mazda、Mercedes-Benz、Mitsubishi、Mini、Mercury、Nissan、Opel、Peugeot、Porsche、Pontiac、Renault、Rover、Ssangyong、Saab、Saturn、Skoda、Subaru、Suzuki、Seat、Smart、Tata、Toyota、Volkswagen、Volvo、Vauxhall.
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